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14th-Nov-2006 10:19 pm - Eternity
I'll let the years pass
hunting for things that last...
7th-Oct-2006 10:19 pm(no subject)
If ever the doors wouldn't open for you
If ever the passers by stare ahead
If ever your voice is clear but unheard
If ever the time passes slowly
If ever your shadow is diffused by the light
If ever your friends have other plans
If ever your bed is empty at night

stop wishing

You know what it's like
To be invisible
30th-Sep-2006 07:54 pm - Rain [A Poem by Phoenix]

Raindrops are doomed to fall,
On hot spots where I can call,
A new genesis on the prowl,
To stop and hold still, just stall.

Just like all the wanderers of the past,
Who withered, and didn't last,
Who felt small in the long shadows cast;
The masters of the beautiful, the stained glass.

And even though it's very late,
You can still set a new date,
For this new generation's fate,
We're all here just to wait.

And we're waiting in this rain,
And we're feeling all this pain,
Ignored, forming a new stain,
That is doomed to forever remain.

I'm in this teen denomination,
soon to be the working generation.
Starved of the real truth from creation,
by the mass appeal of the nation.

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No; written expression isn’t about perfection. It isn’t about how professional or how publishable (is that really a word? Ms word say it is lol) your words are. When we get right down to it written expression isn’t even about spelling anything right. It is about the power of expression and that about sums it up. Well it don’t sum all of it up because written expression has such a vast and unexacting finer point that really and truly relies on the writer to; to well express themselves.

Sometimes I like to write things in that country boy slang that seems to envelope and shroud what it means to be from the country and live in the country. I think the dialect is very interesting. It is an aspect of my expressive self that I am working to communicate better.

What are some ways you like to express yourself in writing?
22nd-Sep-2006 11:59 am - Justice
rose, painting
Every time you form a wish,
you hope it comes true.
Every time you ask a question,
you expect a response.
Whenever a problem arises,
you search for resolution-
that's strong and right.
Whenever crimes occur,
there must be action-
proper and swift...

Too bad ideals can't be
so different,
so frustrating.
Why are wishes left to waste away?
Why are questions just ignored?
Why aren't problems solved properly?
Why are crimes, accepted?

I wish I knew.
We must find a way
to bring justice
in this world.
this is piece is as much as an excuse to play with words as anything else...

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Paper Elephants

An elephant forgets not, so they say
Like quick sand, we sink slowly from our past
Nostalgia holds on tight to nerves that fray
We can’t recall the calm that could not last

As childhood memories dance past fleeting smiles
Like cut out paper shapes and childish dreams
Our dazzling plans are scattered all the while
As we learn adult eyes aren’t all they seem

False hopes like a placebo to the heart
This history’s lost in time, been warped and caught
We’re searching for a place from whence to start
This future contains nothing that we’ve sought

Like elephants remember what they’re told
All that glitters, we have learnt, is not gold.
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