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24th-Sep-2006 02:25 pm
obscure, quiet, amber
look at me, take me seriously
through me, your teenager soul
this is getting old, its getting old. 

can't get through, wanting you
a tape loop-falling
over and over and over and over
perpetual state of words unspoken
under the water, thick viels of smoke
you strum your heart, I'm falling apart
lifted from the ground where I was layed
and then back down down down
cold, pervasive, deep.
I'm half asleep.

we are 
two minds work off one love
something about
                              the way he moves
melancholic, rainy, silent
somethings begun
             feel him closer now
                         eyes lose themselves
and all thoughts turn to...
you and me,
dont be apprehensive
what to say and how to act
your perfect obscurity
your perfect melancholy-
our song.

used hunger
a placebo for love
pestitential disposition
hedonistic gravitation

used me
a placebo for love
find your liberation
cold, closer, connected

a jezabel
dig further
get lost, go in
a mirror
fall in, over again, over again.

find your song
   find me in my dark garden
find me wrapped in retrospect

what can i be?
what can i be?

what is lost what is lost, and where are we now
the colors getting brighter, heat my face like lights on water,
direct my soul to your passion, find whats left of you-
elegantly wasted, and I can taste it
tell me the green purple blue deep red
upside down inside my head
bring soul back to body
bring gravity back
pull away
step into
28th-Sep-2006 03:08 am (UTC)
I love this piece. I love it for its gritty feel, and for its use of broken sentence structure that so often inhabits human thought. Too I like this piece for its last word for it truly is the nature of expression.
29th-Sep-2006 12:09 am (UTC)
Thanks so much, my poetry is a way of picking up the mess of thoughts in my head, and piecing them together.
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