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me BW
Hello everyone. I joined the community a while ago but I hadn't posted anything yet, so here's to hoping. With this particular piece I was experimenting with some new stuff. It's a very short drabble inspired by the following lines:

     "Little girl wants to make her home with him
      and in the middle of the shore she wonders...
      Don't know what you asked for"

                                                     -Jeff Buckley

27th-Aug-2006 09:10 am - writexpression reader icons
I will be making icons for anyone interested in showing others their joy in reading written expression shared here. The icons will look like this

All any member has to do is post a comment here say they want one, and I will be more than happy to reply with your icon. It will have your journal name in place of mine. You don’t have to be someone who shares your written expression to be a member here, and you don’t have to come up with some written expression to be able to show your joy in be a part if our community.

Your moderator

Manifesto [For Today's Youth]

Consumerism is my dogma
And conformity my daily bread
Acceptance is my retribution
For all the lies that I‘ve been fed

The media is my holy truth
And naivety is my reward
They ask for blind obedience
And I faithfully stand accord

I accept my spoon fed morals
And with ignorance I am blessed
To the dying gods of those before
My sins of liberty are confessed

I will sacrifice opinion
On the altar of the damned
I will resist freedom’s temptation
And abrogate all I am

So with redemption in servility
And salvation in ambsace
By the son of lust and miscreancy
I am delivered by his grace.
I do believe
In preying hands
Of what faith has rendered
Of what man has rendered
I do believe that the best will be seen
Through the eyes of innocent destiny

Work like a dog begging for a bone
Do as if anywhere could be a home
Wait by the road as if that bus would come
Wait as if there's anything you could be to anyone

I do believe
In hopeful dreams
Of what trying has rendered
Of what all this hard work has rendered
I do believe that the best will be seen
Through the eyes of innocent destiny

So day to day after an endless day
I do as if that would be the answer to everything
So you see when you look at me
I do believe of the life done in destiny.
19th-Aug-2006 11:06 am(no subject)
Writer's group

This is my 5 minute attempt at the mid-month challenge.  Enjoy. 
17th-Aug-2006 01:16 pm - August Challenge
inspired by the poet Nikos Kavvadias

Dance on a dragon's back
feel the wind under your dress
what's your name, what's your luck,
a dragon is risky to caress.

Died red by the numerous sunsets
playing music with your flute
taming wild dragons and serpents
with your beauty, radiant and mute.

Your hand went through my hair
and for a moment I got weak
but then I felt a frozen air
and heard a soft voice speak:

"Let me remind you where we met,
in the desert we rode along,
the night the Pyramids were set
you fell asleep to my song."

"For you, I let the years pass,
looking for gold, silver and stone.
Be my life, my death, my compass,
don't ever leave me alone..."

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*storage* by Wayne

was printed on the box
"Store this end up"
As I read this
it being upside down
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