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write expression

scribe in scribble of expressions dribble

Written expression oh how we enjoy it
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membership is moderated for the good of all.

This is a writing community for those wishing to share with others their written expressions, and creativity. It is a community to help each other to grow as writers and a community for people to offer up help to those who wish for their insight.

find out much more here

If you have any questions you wish to ask about our community, and would like to do so privately, you can e-mail me at write.expression@gmail.com

We are looking for live journal members to join our community and be a part of our founding fifty. In the future our founding fifty will be featured here on our bio page as well as have a personalized icon when posting and commenting in the community to show all members who these founding fifty are. here is how to become one of our founding fifty. If you are joining us in the hopes to get to read some wonderful written expression, and would like to show your suport for our community in your comments to shared expressions here any member can comment to this post and I will be more than happy to make you a "writexpression reader" icon.

Are you looking for writing pieces posted on a particular topic or subject, or maybe writing pieces posted by a particular member of our community? Well you can find all the posts made in our community right here using the lj tag feature.

If it is helpful writing references you are looking for here is our wonderful and very informitive web site reference page :) thanks

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nittyknight Wayne

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